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CareNow Urgent Care is now MD Now Urgent Care

CareNow Urgent Care clinics in Florida have become MD Now Urgent Care clinics as of December 13, 2022.


As of December 13, 2022, CareNow Urgent Care centers in Jacksonville, Orlando, and the Treasure Coast are transitioning to MD Now® Urgent Care. As of December 13, you may start to see the MD Now name on patient portals, medical records, and billing statements.

Here are answers to questions you may have about the change:

Are all the CareNow locations staying open?

Yes, all locations will remain open.

Are the medical providers and other staff the same?


Do you still have my patient records from past visits?

Yes. If you were seen at a CareNow clinic, our providers will be able to access your medical history.

Can you send my primary care physician information about my clinic visits?


Are your services changing?

No. We will continue to provide urgent care services for minor illness and injury, as well as lab services, X-rays and COVID-19 testing.

Do you treat children and infants?

MD Now providers evaluate patients ages 3 months and older. However, whether we can provide treatment will depend on the patient’s symptoms. If necessary, we can recommend an appropriate specialist.

Do you still take my insurance?

Yes. There is no change in the list of insurance plans we accept.

Can I still check in online?

Yes. You can still check in online and come into the clinic for your scheduled appointment time.

Can I just walk in?

Of course. Walk-ins are always welcome.

Where to go to pay my bill?

Where can I retrieve my medical records?

To retrieve medical records for a visit, please complete the Medical Records Release Authorization Form (Spanish form available here) and email your request and completed form to You can also send your request and completed form via fax to the MD Now Medical Records Department at (866) 708-4298.

How can I retrieve lab results after a visit?

You can retrieve lab results by visiting the secure MyHealthONE patient portal.

How can I retrieve x-ray results after a visit?

You can retrieve x-ray results by visiting the secure MyHealthONE patient portal.