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Why are Pre-Operative Evaluations Needed?

Every surgical procedure has the potential for complications. Your risk for these complications depends on your overall health and any other conditions you may have. The pre-operative medical evaluation process assists surgeons in minimizing those risks to protect you.

Pre-operative evaluations guide the decision on whether to proceed with planned surgery or wait until certain aspects of your health are improved or resolved. Once you have completed your pre-operative evaluation, you and your surgeon can feel safer about moving forward.

Your surgeon will decide if a pre-operative medical evaluation is necessary before surgery. Their office provides specific instructions about what steps need to be taken. Once you have these instructions from your surgeon, you can visit MD Now for your pre-operative evaluation.

What Happens During Your Pre-Operative Evaluation?

When you arrive at an MD Now clinic for your pre-operative evaluation, our physician-led team of healthcare professionals will explain the evaluation process and how we can help you prepare for surgery.

Your pre-operative medical evaluation will include:

  • A review of the planned surgery and your risk factors
  • Any bloodwork ordered by your surgeon or deemed necessary from one of our licensed healthcare professionals
  • EKG and Chest X-ray (if necessary, based on your medical history)
  • Final pre-op evaluation reviewed by our Physician Leadership Team
  • Referrals to specialists if needed
  • Coordination with the surgeon’s office, so everything is ready for your planned surgery

What to Expect from a Pre-Operative Evaluation

Why is There a 7-Day Turnaround?

Most pre-operative evaluations are completed around 30 days before surgery. The 7-day turnaround period allows us to ensure that any additional tests are received and reviewed, provide any necessary referrals, and coordinate with your surgeon’s office well in advance of your surgery date.

How do I Find Pre-Op Evaluation Near Me?

MD Now makes it easy to find high-quality and convenient pre-op evaluation near you. With over 110 clinics in South Florida, there’s a good chance we’re right in your neighborhood. No appointment is necessary, so you can come in and have that pre-op evaluation appointment when it’s convenient for you. Just be sure to give yourself plenty of time before your scheduled surgery.

What Will My Pre-Operative Evaluation Cost?

For non-cosmetic surgery covered by your health insurance, please check with your insurance provider for cost details. We offer competitive self-pay options for all pre-operative evaluations.

What do I Need to Bring to My Pre-Operative Visit?

Come prepared! Your pre-operative visit at MD Now will be most efficient if you’re sure to bring the following in preparation:

  • Any relevant paperwork of forms from your surgeon’s office
  • Copies of any relevant past medical history records

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