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Holiday hours will vary on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day per clinic. Check your nearest locations for details.
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Happy Doctor
I haven't been feeling well all day. When I got home I tried to call my doctor's office to get in. There was nothing available until next month at any of their locations. So, I called my insurance and found MD Now on their list of urgent care facilities that I could go to. I got there just about 6pm and was seen in minutes. The entire visit was less than an hour. I received a diagnosis and a prescription was sent to my pharmacy. Everyone there was friendly and professional. If I'm ever in need again, I will definitely go there again.
Colleen D.
Clean, neat quick, courteous staff and doctor. Went for a covid test.
Debbie H.
Always come here and are always helpful and direct with the problem and how to solve it.
Danny G.
Went in for covid testing today and was impressed with the way they moved patients through the process. My husband and I were only in the office for 30 minutes. Staff was friendly.
Stacy G.
The staff at this location is professional and kind unlike the lighthouse point location.
god44life .
Doctor Crespo and Stephany the best team aroun the world. Never change guys
veronica n.
They always take good care of my family and me when someone is ill or hurt. We never wait long and they are so friendly and helpful!
Emily S.
I want to thank the staff of MD Now for the care that they gave my mom. My mom arrived with my son just at closing time and they took great care of her. They stayed way past closing time to make sure that she was ok. I have visited this MD Now location several times and I have always have a great experience. Everyone have always been friendly, caring and helpful. In addition, I have always received a call the next day to ask how the patient was doing. Thanks again! You are wonderful and my family and I appreciate you!!!
Maria Y.
My husband had no insulin when we got here. The people from the clinic said it would be a couple of Hours but the Dr came in almost right away. I had left the insulin at Home in Tennessee. The Dr was very thorough and gave us a prescription. The man that first saw us was very nice and he talked to the Dr and they got us out of there in a half hour. The only thing we didn't like was the two prescriptions cost over $600.00. Thank you
Cynthia V.
Fast, friendly, and efficient services. I would use again if I needed to.
M A.
Very clean knowledgeable staff it was a pleasure to have such friendly service
Nancy I.
Always use MD Now Urgent care. Not only for everyday illness but when they can't diagnose you they send you to emergency room or make sure thay you see your doctor. Not only are they professional but the are caring about the results you should get from another professional that is qualified in different situations concerning your health. I recommend them highly.
Elizabeth S.
I stopped in for Immunoglobulin G (lgG) test. Very efficient and handled by top flight professionals. This is an excellent concept. I will use their services when next needed!
cumcove .