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Holiday hours will vary on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day per clinic. Check your nearest locations for details.
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Happy Doctor
Went to MD Now Urgent Care to take a Covid test. I we literally in and out less than 20 minutes. The staff was friendly and professional.
Valerie P.
Preciseness knowledgeably
Ricardo F.
Fast and safe experience.not crowded on morning.big parking lot.
Marcos M.
I went there recently without an appointment but I was there first thing when they opened up. Nice front desk staff, nice nurses and also a good doctor. It was fast and efficient!
Athya I.
Caring and thorough doctors. Extended hours are helpful. Was able to get an X-ray and see a doctor who treated my injury with care and concern. Receptionist and registration were friendly and efficient.
Nancy C.
The staff was very friendly and did a very nice job.
Daniel Y.
No waiting and a great doctor to check me out
Richard R.
When I entered the facility without an appointment, the waiting room was full, so I settled in for a long wait. After getting registered, I was called within 4 minutes, was checked by a nurse, saw the doctor and was released in 20 minutes. I am very satisfied with MD Now Urgent Care and the level of care and the efficiency with which my visit was handled.
Marion S.
If you go at a good time then the team is amazing. If you go when it’s busy then they aren’t going to be as attentive to you. Especially when it’s a 2 hour wait.
Best C.
The entire staff is professional, friendly and efficient. They treat you with care and they’re concerned about your needs.
Maria M.
Incredible service. Very attentive, kind, and welcoming Great doctor
Victor P.
Eva office manager, Filandi, Intake, and Amy- Pa. These 3 combined got me in and out, even with a wait, they made it worth waiting. Kind, gentle and helpful everyway, possible . My own Primary Doctors office Total MD / Urgent Care office is MD Nows Competitor. They wouldnt even see me after i was willing to wait there in their office while their PA said she had a procedure to do and it would be an hour or so. They told me because of my pain level, ( i pulled a muscle in my shoulder) to go to the hospital. I told them, i have been like this for 3 days , i would wait 1-2 so i wouldnt have to wait in The ER 3-4 hours for twice or 3 times the expense. She said even if i waited, she wouldnt treat me, and just would refer me to the hospital. So i came here. Same pain level, same pulled muscle. Atleast the saw me. And IF then they said go to the hospital, i would understand. But not even see me. So, MD NOW Is my Urgent Care place. I just wish i could use them for my primary office. Thank you ladies. If i could give you a raise, i would.
Momma L.
They were all very kind. It was 20 minutes before they closed. We were in and out. No issues
Nikki S.