Happy 4th of July

All MD Now urgent care locations will be open on July 4th
from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Have a safe holiday!

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Happy Doctor
I brought my 14-year-old in for a bad cut. I wrapped it up in a towel, jumped in the car, and went to MD Now where he was seen immediately. The Doctor examined the wound and put in 6 stitches, RIGHT THERE in their state-of-the-art procedure room! I had no idea MD Now could treat these kinds of serious injuries and was sure we were going to be told to go to the ER. Thank you MD Now! I will always bring my family here for all my urgent care needs!
Nicole L.
I walked in late afternoon yesterday, for back X-rays. The process took over an hour, but I was treated with respect by professional medical staff. Facility is very clean, and I left with a CD of X-rays, feeling I was on the road to recovery!
Tom C.
Excelente servicio y atención al cliente. No dolió para nada el proceso.
sofia S.
Excellent caring professionals at MD Now Urgent Care. They put you at ease. I'd recommend MD Now to everyone.
Alex B.
Excellent care and it feels great for urgent medical care when ny PCP isn't available.
Joyce R.
The staff was very professional and friendly!
Victoria R.
What wonderful service it took me no time to get in I saw the doctor they assess my situation and I got proper prescriptions in record time and my insurance was accepted I'm a US Army veteran and I don't think I want to go back to the VA hospital if I can avoid it They are very friendly at this location
Anthony H.
Loved this place! Doctor was really nice and sweet!
Sofia B.
The staff was friendly and helpful. The wait was not long at all.
Selania D.
Very friendly quick efficient honest straight to the point.
Jeff G.
Went to the urgent care on Sunday January 22nd in the morning because of an earring gone wrong situation lol.. but the receptionist was super friendly and sweet funny Muriel and so was Frank the nurse he was able to take out my earring immediately and he was super sweet as well & very very caring. Thank you for all that you do! ❤️
Inesly R.
I called one hour before closing to get a Covid test for upcoming airflight the accommodated me immediately explained their billing process, I was billing my company, they made it seamless efficient and expert. As a physician in primary care, I appreciated their professionalism
Stephen N.
Professional and very quick. Waiting for Covid test results and to see how easy to upload for travel.
Susan H.