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Holiday hours will vary on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day per clinic. Check your nearest locations for details.
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Happy Doctor
Took a UA (drug test) for a job position. The place has parking, complimentary water, and prefessional staff.
Shannon H.
Helpful friendly staff and physician. Prompt service. Clean facility. I've used MD Now twice and would recommend to F&F!
Rick C.
Vers good and fast no waiting
Louise L.
My second trip there and still impressed with the service, doctor and very clean.
Cathy I.
Feels like a family. Open to raises, always learning something new, managers work with your schedule Ans the providers are super nice and helpful. We are all a team. Great pt care and thorough
Certified R.
Great, courteous, and professional staff. Felt they had my issue completely under control, and correct.
Billy H.
Having my Covid-19 antibodies checked was quick and easy at the Miami Lakes center. Dr. May was very nice and knowledgeable. I will definitely return to this location for future needs.
Naira Y.
Everyone was thoughtful and careful. I got excellent and fast service, in a beautiful facility.
judy g.
Staff was friendly and efficient. I was able to see the doctor within 3 minutes of completing my "paperwork" (via iPad). Dr. Mushtaq made my appointment quick and even enjoyable.
Cherrie S.
The staff was very nice and caring.The facility was very clean also.They had me in out in 30 min i was on vacation now home and they even call me check on me i give them 5 starts thank you again Lisa D
Lisa D.
Overall Great Experience Personable Knowledge Staff
Kesh .
7/12/2022 Eva office manager, Filandi, Intake, and Amy- Pa. These 3 combined got me in and out, even with a wait, they made it worth waiting. Kind, gentle and helpful every-way, possible . My own Primary Doctors office Total MD / Urgent Care office is MD Nows Competitor. They wouldst even see me after i was willing to wait there in their office while their PA said she had a procedure to do and it would be an hour or so. They told me because of my pain level, ( i pulled a muscle in my shoulder) to go to the hospital. I told them, i have been like this for 3 days , i would wait 1-2 so i wouldn't have to wait in The ER 3-4 hours for twice or 3 times the expense. She said even if i waited, she wouldn't treat me, and just would refer me to the hospital. So i came here. Same pain level, same pulled muscle. At least the saw me. And IF then they said go to the hospital, i would understand. But not even see me. So, MD NOW Is my Urgent Care place. I just wish i could use them for my primary office. Thank you ladies. If i could give you a raise, i would.
Momma L.
I was treated by Dr Rosenthal, and I have nothing but wonderful things to say about him. He alerted me about a problem that I am currently taking care of. Thank you Dr Rosenthal.
kathy b.