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Holiday hours will vary on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day per clinic. Check your nearest locations for details.
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Happy Doctor
This place is amazing the staff was great and the service was quick. Now what really made my day is how great Kendlet treated my Mother who came in for an Urgent visit. he has a great heart and I feel like great people are under appreciated. MD Now is a great place because of people like kendlet. He was quick, gentle and very respectful. I give this place a 10 out of 10
lucy t.
They were very professional, friendly and fair priced stitched me up and on my way in 45 minutes excellent Dr and staff were great
Timothy P.
I fully expected a long wait but was pleasantly surprised with how quickly I was seen. The staff/ doctors were knowledgeable and thorough with their exam. I would definitely recommend them.
Jean C.
Fast, efficient, courteous, clean It was a great visit. Everyone was so professional Will definitely use them again
Patricia M.
Faster than expected and very professional, very satisfied with the treatment
Ileana R.
Very quick and professional visit
Dennis C.
Beautiful facility, nice and clean. I was in and out in no time. The staff and doctors were very friendly and professional. I will definitely be coming back.
Marissa K.
Every one @ MD Now are so sweet and very helpful
Amanda C.
Outstanding service! I walked in without an appointment on a Thursday afternoon for a physical and possibly some vaccinations required by my college. The front desk Glenda and Maria were very inviting and offered me water while I checked in and created an account. They were also very knowledgeable and answered all my questions on the phone, prior to my visit. I was greeted by the medical assistant Don in less than a few minutes and he made me feel welcomed and even cracked a few jokes. He was professional but also personable. Very shortly I was escorted back to a room where I met with the practitioner for my physical examination. She was quick, in a very thorough way, and asked me about any vaccines needed. I explained I didn't have access to any records of previous shots and would be willing to purchase all the vaccines needed ( they're prices are also the cheapest available). Instead of charging me, the staff pulled together and researched my previous vaccines, and recommended titers for the ones that weren't documented. Still in awe with the service. The whole appointment was an hour and I now have everything in line for school after my first visit!
Jasmine N.
I had an extreme allergic reaction that, at first, looked like contact dermatitis. My mom called the dermatologist. The dermatologist office with 26 doctors didn’t have a single available slot. We went to my GP, and he called Delray Hospital to direct admit me to get me on a Benadryl IV Drip because I was in “stage four”. They said “we have no beds”. He argued with them that he had just discharged 5 patients - but they insisted that due to _____, they didn’t have anywhere to put me - even though my life was in danger. He told them that he was pre-admitting me and sending me through the Emergency Room then, and that when I arrived, I needed to immediately be put on an IV. They agreed. When we got to the ER, they said “it’s standing room only, we won’t be able to see her for four hours.” At this point, my chest is getting tighter, and I’m struggling more and more. Luckily my mom was there to advocate for me, and she continued to ask those at the desk when I would be placed on an IV. They once again stated that due to _____, they didn’t have any rooms or beds to put me in, so I would have to wait. At this point, I’m googling places that do IV drips, and we land on an MD Now Urgent Care. They saw me almost immediately, the doctor (who was absolutely fantastic) came in and took my blood pressure and said that I was officially in a state of shock. He gave me three injections: epinephrine, Benadryl, and a steroid. He also said that how those at Delray Hospital acted was extremely reckless and that they didn’t get to turn me away like they did - and that he was calling an ambulance to ENSURE that I was actually treated in the ER. At the ER and in the Ambulance they told me that the doctor at MD Now did EVERYTHING RIGHT to save my life. He treated me almost immediately and monitored me until I was in the ambulance. He was fantastic and I am literally alive today because of him. Thank you Dr. Mansour!!!
Audra P.
Very friendly doctor and nurse
LouAnn R.
From entering MD Now to leaving , it was an absolute pleasure. The nurse was so kind. The doctor was very knowledgeable and had an excellent bed-side manner. Outstanding!
Linda E.
Every time I go and I do go a lot because I get sick from my son who just began pre k I see a few doctors. One in particular that I see a lot is Dr. Gorstein, he is great. He always gets me feeling better. I am grateful that md now is so close to my home and they literally have no wait time.
Jordana P.