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Holiday hours will vary on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day per clinic. Check your nearest locations for details.
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Happy Doctor
While traveling for work this week it became clear I’d need to have an inner-ear pain looked at before getting on an airplane for home. I stopped by MD Now with low expectations, based on previous medical office visits while away from home, and those expectations were not met. The front desk gal, I interacted with, was friendly, helpful and welcoming. The PA that worked with me was efficient, quick and professional. The wait, I’ll never understand the wait between the PA and the Doc visit, but I’ve also learned I don’t know what I don’t know and everybody job has more to it than what I see from my soft waiting chair. Anyway, the Doc was solid, again quick, professional and efficient. He took the time to be sure he had the information necessary and they all worked to be my script would go to a pharmacy near my hotel. In short - good people, clean organized office, great job.
Jeremy B.
Excellent customer service. I was attended almost immediately. The doctor, nurse and staff were very friendly. Highly recommend.
Sandra V.
Excellent help! I was taken care of in a very nice fashion, all my issues were addressed.
Mickey P.
Very efficient. We were seen quickly and the staff was extremely friendly.
Naomi A.
My daughter had an injury in her ankle, In less than an hour she had XR immobilized her ankle and we arre home. Very kind staff .
Yima C.
The staff were nice, the service was fast and the Dr. Was very professional.
Cleo .
This is the best laboratory ever! You can sit in your car and receive a text! The beautiful older woman behind the front desk is always there and she is my Besty! She is very very very sweet very kind with my children when I need to bring them very helpful and always gives me the best service cutest Band-Aids and we have a good time out of it I really appreciate her and I appreciate the ability to get in and out and the ability to sit in the car. I also very much like the new machine to check in and check out. If you have not been before it is best to get good directions, as it is BEHIND Winn Dixie off of palmetto circle. I highly recommend this place over any other place my insurance will cover most of the labs and I have been to most of them and this is by far the easiest quickest and best staff
Pamela G.
Great service, great staff. Thank you a lot for your Attention and responsiveness
Алексей .
I went there to get a Covid PCR test. The attention was very kind and professional. The facilities are confortable and clean. You feel confidence there.
Silvia C.
The doctor was knowledgeable, helpful, and great bedside manner! Highly recommend
Janine A.
Fast service and super friendly staff!
Dianne L.
Clean, efficient, quick and friendly staff.
Sandy R.
I went for a Covid test...waited only 5 min ....they were all very efficient snd friendly. Saw the doctor snd she was very knowledgeable and friendly. Recommend this location highly!
Jan G.