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Holiday hours will vary on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day per clinic. Check your nearest locations for details.
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Happy Doctor
MD Now is a professional medical facility and should be a great option for people needing urgent care. It is modern, clean, and the staff is courteous and very helpful. They are very aware and adhere to all COVID safety protocols. It is a safe and efficient medical practice....
Ed B.
Excellent & professional service. I was there less than an hour and on my way!
michael s.
Quick, friendly, and professional care.
Mary D.
Very nice and fast I didn’t have to stay long only 10 minutes and these is great I’ve used them more than 5 times this year
Vincent J.
Fairly quick staff very nice! Especially the nurse that took my swab!
Donna C.
I went in expecting poor service like every other urgent care facility I have experienced, typically not seen by a "doctor", but by a nurse practitioner, or a physicians assistant. And even if you see a doctor, they are typically unknowledgeable. The last time they misdiagnosed me, told me I sprained my rib when I actually had a broken rib! I was in excruciating pain for 5 weeks walking around with a broken rib. In any case, I saw a physician assistant named Xena. She was amazing! I went in for a very bad respiratory infection, I was coughing, wheezing. headache, and I have asthma. She took time to ask me questions, listen to me, and even identified with my suffering because she also had asthma. She took the time to give me a nebulizer treatment and a steroid shot. The front desk assistant was kind of cold. But the Xena was absolutely fabulous. I will go back to this clinic again.
Bellaa B.
Very nice people. Just too long a wait. Over 2 hours to get to see the Doctor. Should have more than one Doctor in attendance. Hope prescription works.
Morris G.
Very efficient and well-run. Not overly expensive for the service. Staff was exceedingly friendly.
Abe A.
I got there early and was taken first for physical and I was out in an hour!!!!!!! That included chest xray!
Cathy C.
I went to MD Now Urgent Care for my COVID vaccine. The staff was amazing. They were kind and helpful. The nurses were incredibly skilled and patient. I’ll definitely come back and I 100% recommend this Urgent Care.
Diana .
The staff and doctors are professional, I feel like I’m getting great medical care. I highly recommend.
Michelle F.
I went on Saturday morning it was very fast to see me, my nurse was very good awesome way to treat a patient, also my Dr. Highly recommended these urgent care, more Er Run for me.
themis v.
This is by far my favorite urgent care! I’ve been coming here for years and the staff/doctors are always so kind and attentive. The clinic is super clean, there is plenty parking, and I’m usually in and out fairly quickly. I’ve been coming here all year for Covid testing and I actually prefer coming here over my primary care doctor for general medical care and tests as well. I highly recommend this urgent care for all of their services.
Brenda W.