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Holiday hours will vary on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day per clinic. Check your nearest locations for details.
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Happy Doctor
The doctor here is very nice, I only went in for a Covid test but he still took the time to check up on me physically and make sure it was nothing serious. Love that they allow walk ins as well, makes the clinic very convenient
Eli H.
Очень отзывчивый и приятный персонал. Особенная благодарность Юлии. Она была нашим переводчиком и всячески стремилась помочь. А главное, врач разобрался в проблеме, поставил диагноз и прописал лекарства!
Роман .
I had a great experience! I know it depends on what time of day you go, but for me the stars aligned. I went right back, the girls at the front desk and the med assistant were so sweet and helpful. Going to the MD isn’t exactly a fun filled experience in general but the staff there made me feel comfortable and genuinely cared for. That’s all I can ask for. Thank you!
M m.
I had a wonderful experience, the office is super clean, I didn’t wait, staff were very nice .
Marvin A.
The MD there was a good diagnostic MD. Nurses were nice. Since it was my hand it didn't take an hour. Another day was different busy it took an hour to check in and the wait would have been 2 hours.
Gail B.
Very fast and efficient!
Patricia G.
Pros Decent pay, great team to work with. Cons Always short on staff. Busy Advice to Management Na
Certified M.
Location, ease of being taking care of
De L.
The facility was clean and staff was extremely friendly. My experience was excellent!
Sharifa C.
Very professional, friendly staff. Quality care.
Elaine D.
Very clean. Friendly and attentive staff. The doctor was very thorough. She listened to my concerns. She explained each step of her examination. She was not in a rush to get out of the room.
Lisa F.
Excellent staff, very efficient sign in process. In and out within 30 minutes.
Rick P.
I cannot say enough great things about this place. Everything and everyone there is outstanding!
Steve M.