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Holiday hours will vary on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day per clinic. Check your nearest locations for details.
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Happy Doctor
All the staff members were polite, professional, and provided us with fast service. Thank you very much!
Wonders A.
Everyone here was really friendly from the check in counter to the Dr. himself. They were punctual in their estimate for how long it would take for me to get seen, almost to the exact minute. Free water bottles in the waiting area, which is a really nice little touch.
Kimberly P.
Norma MA Norma was a great help! She was so kind, patient, and efficient.
Anna S.
About 3 days ago, I went here due to my ears being clogged (ear wax and pain in my ears) and they provided me EXCELLENT service! The nurses there were great. They built alotta rapport with me and were super nice. The wait time was short. They got me fast. And the price is spectacular! Only $60 with my insurance (I have Florida blue) I was very happy with the service and the nurses were very professional. I would definitely refer my friends here. And let me tell u something... it is SO much better than going to the ER. Now that's expensive. Hopefully the nurses see this and smile at my comment! Definitely will be coming again if anything happens. I loved it here. They deserve to become bigger :) Thank u so much MD Now urgent care. U guys are great! :D
Attack O.
The service was very professional and the staff was very pleasant. Dr. Flicker, PA Natalee and MA Farrah were all excellent.
nicole j.
The Staff and the Dr were both knowledgeable, very professional and attentive to the patient. One of the best experiences I've had at an Urgent Care facility. They will be my #1 choice from now on
feetwetocean1 .
The care was great thanks you guys.
Mary H.
Thumbs up on the quality of your service. No waiting and a friendly staff.
Lee W.
This office is friendly, quick, and efficient.
Sarah B.
Front desk, Dr and staff were awesome. I've only been twice but each time I went I was lucky to get in and out fast.
Kevin M.
Great service. I was seen 5 minutes after I signed in. The nurse and doctor were great. I was very happy with the quality of service.
villeroy88 .
Clean location, fast service, and nice nurses.
Marina R.
Excellent service. Excellent person at the front desk. The doctors is excellent very clean place
Vivalyn M.