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Holiday hours will vary on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day per clinic. Check your nearest locations for details.
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Happy Doctor
Having suffered a pretty horrifying and traumatic experience I am not one to look for pity, however the empathy, kindness and care I received was very much appreciated. The staff from front desk to doctors will treat you exactly how you would want to be treated when you consider yourself vulnerable or in need of care.
Lisa J.
Great staff, who are professional and courteous.
Jennifer W.
Very quick and efficient
Robin F.
Usually MD Now is very good. The doctors are helpful & compassionate. I’ve used their services several times over the last 4 years or so. However, the last time that I was there the doctor seemed to be very learned, but she neglected to order and sign a prescription for an ointment that I needed for a skin rash. She said she would order it right away and send it to my pharmacy that is in the same shopping center as MD Now in Boynton Beach. After going to the pharmacy, finding that they had not received my prescription, I then called MD Now to make sure the prescription was sent. I was assured the prescription would be sent to the pharmacy. Hours later there still was no prescription available. The prescription was still not available the next day, so I went to MD Now and spoke with a nurse who assured me it would be sent. I called the pharmacy and they still did not have my prescription. I called MD Now again and was once again assured it would be sent. A few minutes later the pharmacy called me and said that the prescription was sent to them, but it had no doctor’s signature. The pharmacist had called MD NOW and were told that the doctor on that day refused to sign the prescription. Exasperated, I called the corporate office of MD Now. After all, this was a prescription for a topical ointment, not an opioid. I spoke with a very competent administrator who finally straightened things out and the prescription was sent to my pharmacy. This was two day aggravation that was totally unacceptable, but I thank the administrator who helped get my prescription to the pharmacy!
Christine I.
Muy buena atención gracias al colectivo de trabajo MD
olga r.
Excellent care
Hernaldo J.
Everyone was surprisingly very helpful and friendly.
Maia H.
Norma was fantastic, very kind and attentive, took time to do all the necessary tests and answered all questions
Leonid S.
Clean facility, very professional, quick and efficient. The MA jazz that drew my blood was gentle and sweet. Will definitely recommend this location.
Very V.
It was a good experience. Professional, fast and friendly staff.
Ailene R.
Such great service! The front desk staff was kind and efficient. Clinical team was attentive and the doctor took the time to listen and really cared about my issue.
Jessica C.
Fast, easy, clean, courteous, professional, what more can you ask for?
Antonio B.
Very clean facility. Staff is very nice and wait time was less then 15 minutes. Highly recommend.
Marina I.