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Holiday hours will vary on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day per clinic. Check your nearest locations for details.
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Happy Doctor
Awsome place and clean as well.very professional staff and well the soon i walk in with my son they help me with the situation my son was having. I very satisfying with the service they gave us.
Carlos o.
Fast, easy, clean, courteous, professional, what more can you ask for?
Antonio B.
The nurses and staff were very friendly and professional. Great experience!
Awesome place very quiet, relaxing, clean, professional and list goes on.. The doctors are very humble and listens to concerns you as the patients are having. They also, sends your prescription to the pharmacy for you in most cases.
Leo B.
The whole staff made me feel very comfortable and they were extremely professional. Thank you :)
Friendly staff. Easy check in. Very professional.
Scott G.
Quick and easy testing site
Jon H.
Awesome experience, very respectful.
Kurtis R.
Always use MD Now Urgent care. Not only for everyday illness but when they can't diagnose you they send you to emergency room or make sure thay you see your doctor. Not only are they professional but the are caring about the results you should get from another professional that is qualified in different situations concerning your health. I recommend them highly.
Elizabeth S.
I want to give the 2 women in front desk . Hat off . I got there at 9:00am they were very busy . The office was packed with people want it the Covid test ….The one girl took your info and the other call you up when it was your turn … These 2 women need a bravo for handling all this chaos …very polite and told people there time wake and apolized for the Inconvenience
Carmen S.
Great experience! I unfortunately didn’t take down everyone’s name, but the staff from today July, 16th 2021 at 5pm was awesome! The Doctor, nurse and receptionist all provided exceptional service! Highly recommend this location.
Thais B.
Top notch. I’ve used them before and will use again.
Bob L.
Friendly staff, very clean, quick visit
Madeline V.