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Holiday hours will vary on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day per clinic. Check your nearest locations for details.
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Happy Doctor
As always, I'm treated promptly each time that I've been there and it has been alot this year. Everyone was so kind and understanding. I met a new Dr. today by the name of Diane Thompson. She was welcoming, concerned and caring, and very energetic when talking with me about my concerns. She understood how I was feeling when at times I don't get it. With her help and knowledge. I'm praying that we can fix this soon.
Veronica T.
First time at a MD Now UC early Sunday morning. Was very pleasantly surprised by the facility inside. The nurse was good and the doctor excellent. He really took his time with me and explained everything very clearly.
Vivian P.
Dr.Katz got me in and out despite how busy they get. Staff communicates wait times accurately. Good patient care.
Paul G.
Very professional customer service. People so nice
Carl H.
Everyone was friendly and caring from the time you walk in to the time you are seen in the back… highly recommend!
Dawn D.
Wow I have never been to a clinic that takes care of you within 30 minutes of walking in. Thank you so much for your service.
Lesvia L.
I was taken care of very quickly by super sweet ladies at reception and well taken care of by doctor. Definitely would go back if ever in need. Very kind and compassionate workers
diane h.
Everyone was so nice and professional. They took good care of me.
Daniel K.
Amazing staff. Very kind and accommodating. They have always served my family well. Office is very well kept, clean, and smells pleasant. Highly recommend!
Carla B.
I am absolutely addicted to this cream in the best way possible. Im glad that I saw it on the website when purchasing the one of their other creams my dermatologist recommended. The consistency is wonderful and smooth, and works into your skin well. The smell is absolutely divine and best of all, IT WORKS. The skin on my legs has been deteriorating and none of the cellulite treatments Ive tried have worked. The dimples in my legs were so bad you could see them through my Yoga pants. This began working immediately and I am so pleased with my results already. It has meant the world to me to feel this good again and confident again. Thank You Miami MD!!
Freade K.
Greeted with very nice staff. Not a long wait and the doctor was great.
Terry F.
I was in and out quickly. The staff and doctor were great. Love the fact that you see a doctor, unlike other places. He did his best to get me the correct treatment I needed. Thank you!
Susana O.
Pleasant staff, quick and efficient customer service.
Rich .