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Holiday hours will vary on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day per clinic. Check your nearest locations for details.
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Happy Doctor
I am happy that there is swift urgent care around. Nowadays, it is tough to get appointments at your primary, and the hospital is expensive. I was not feeling well and was happy with the cleanliness and prompt attention of the staff. Cherline, I believe, is her name, was attentive and welcoming. MD can expect to see my family and me again.
Britteny F.
The place is clean, the staff is receptive and attentive.
Mayange P.
excellent team and asaiatance
Frank T.
Excelente atencion desde la recepcionista asi como del personal medico.
Luis F.
Very kind staff, much appreciated!
Stephanie M.
Nice people, good doctors. I had a long conversation with the medically well informed Dr. Hurt yesterday, 3/09/20, about a back problem I was having. He was very helpful, caring, and prescribed something that's helping. I've been there several times in the past few years and always found them to be helpful and pleasant to deal with.
Sylvain C.
Was able to be seen quickly and obtain a PCR test while there for a suspected ear infection. Front desk staff were attentive and efficient. Nurse and Doctor were friendly, asked questions to make a diagnosis and examined thoroughly.
Tina B.
Wow! This place doesn't surprise me... I have used them.plenty of time. Always clean, great service and so quick... Thank you to the staff
Emily F.
Went for a covid test and they took my insurance (100% no copay), I had no wait, and was out so quick! I was scared (crying) and she sat with me, let me take a few deep breaths, showed me the swab - tiny!! I saw my husband get tested and his looked like a QTip. This looked like a paperclip straightened out (with cotton) and bendy/flexible. I was worried they'd hit something and I'd get a nosebleed (friends' stories). She did it and when I tell you by the time I felt something she was out of my nose... like I thought "oh she is getting to the part where its gonna hurt!" When she went "see?" And she had it out already... had to do 2nd nose but it legit feels like when you land off a waterside and some water goes half way up your nose. My eyes didn't water (more than they were from the remaining tears) nor did I sneeze or feel "uncomfortable" or "alcohol burning" it just felt like water went half way up my nose. Go get tested, and use MD NOW!
Shannon K.
The staff and Dr.Newton were just so helpful and friendly. Didn't have to wait long at all either. Just lovely
Stefymo .
Very clean Friendly fast efficient
Sarah M.
Fast and easy, everyone was so nice. The only issue is trying to call in, you can't get anyone but the physical branch is excellent.
Lisa C.
Excellent, faster, very professional. They are complying with all CDC guidelines.
Vivian G.