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Holiday hours will vary on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day per clinic. Check your nearest locations for details.
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Happy Doctor
Dude this is the BEST URGENT CARE IVE EVER BEEN. They gave me all the medication that I need an asked for including a Z pack, prednisone, and cough syrup for my sore throat. Not only did they help me out with that they also gave me two other prescriptions that I haven’t gone to see my doctor for that they gave me two of those and was seen within 20 minutes of walking in. Would not recommend any other clinic in the downtown Fort Lauderdale area also Ramona R and Dr. Sophia Theodorou
Cedric V.
So helpful and attentive! Didn’t have to wait long either!
Madison B.
very impressed with the facility
Mary A.
Judith and Paula were the very best!...thank you soooo much!
Deborah C.
Very friendly service. Easy in processing. Was in and out ten minutes. First time ever I have heard a doctor encourage healthy eating habits to help with cold. Great advise. He recommended eating fruits and vegetables. No nonsense exam. Quick and to the point. Great process. Highly recommend.
Chuck Y.
Excellent care. While you wait there’s free water to hydrate you. I only had to wait 15 mins tops in the waiting area. Once in the room I only waited 5 mins and the Dr. and nurse were very attentive and friendly. I would recommend this place.
I have been to the MDNow location in Cutler Bay and they never disappoint. Fast service and friendly staff. Best place to get travel related Covid tests. I always get my results 18-26 hours after I take it.
Frances G.
We had the greatest experience going to MD now. My daughter was seen for her asthma and they took care of her better than going to the pediatrician. It was in and out no hours of waiting and they gave her the appropriate meds needed and actually surpassed our expectations!
Evyn A.
It was Christmas Day and I was feeling awful. They were quick in getting me in and out with my prescription I needed to feel better. Thank you for your service on a day no one should have to work.
shyanna o.
Great !
Jhonny W.
Sylivia was amazing!
fabio r.
Clean office, attentive staff, and knowledgeable doctor. Overall great experience!
Anne L.
I was taken in quickly, treated professionally and the Dr and nurse was very good at asking questions. Thank you
Richard S.