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Holiday hours will vary on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day per clinic. Check your nearest locations for details.
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Happy Doctor
Took me in quick and listened. Very kind staff and doctor. She didn’t just shove off my concerns like another urgent care I’ve been to…gave me proper care to get me feeling better asap and sent me home with medicines to keep me feeling better. Thank you!
Danyelle B.
Fantastic. SAVED my life
Chris B.
Staff is friendly and always willing to help any way they can. I recommended them 100%
Minnie M.
Very good
Raul C.
Took my kids and I to get tested for Covid and the staff was very friendly.
Jackie D.
Quick treatment and the provider gave me exactly what I needed and couldn’t get 5 days ago from another doctor.
Ashley J.
Everyone was really nice and helped us with what we needed.
Natasha M.
I was seen very quickly, and the doctor and nurse were very caring and helpful. The front desk person was very friendly too.
Linda H.
The staff were friendly and lifted my spirits in spite of my not feeling well. Also they were on point with their professionalism and did their jobs very well.
Kyle G.
La atención por parte de los enfermeros fue increible, le transmiten a uno mucha tranquilidad, le explican paso a paso que está pasando y se preocuparon por solucionar mi situación.
Juan E.
They were super nice and it is so clean in there as well! I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all! Would definitely recommend to anyone that needs it!! The nurses and all the staff were super nice and understanding!!!
Grace R.
Quick, attentive care by a very kind and qualified MD. This is the best experience I've ever had here!
Jeannie T.
Excellent service. I received a caring care from the doctors, nurses, and staff.
Rose T.