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Holiday hours will vary on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day per clinic. Check your nearest locations for details.
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Happy Doctor
The wait wasn’t bad. The front office was professional and friendly. The nurse took care of me! Glad I went there.
frances n.
Love the ladies at the front desk. They went above and beyond at the check in process. Haven’t been treated yet but am anticipating a very positive experience.
Leslie W.
I have always been more than satisfied with my care at MDNow. On this particular visit, they looked at my complaint and stated that they thought I needed to go to an ER instead... Glad I did. I just got out of the hospital after nearly four days on IV antibiotics for a serious cellulitis. As important as it is to know what you can do when it comes to medical issues, it is equally important, maybe more important, to know your limitations. MDNow proved that they know what they can do, and are courageous/ethical enough to know what they cannot do. This ability to know what to treat and what to "outsource" may have saved my arm... Outstanding clinicians! Thanks so much!
Jeff M.
Went there in the evening when the only thing open is the hospital. This was much cheaper. Clean ,well lit,free water and pleasant staff. This place is highly recommended by A League of Extraordinary Movers.
A L.
8/31/21 We stopped by MD Now yesterday, for the first time, and were allowed to see a physician, without an appointment. The waiting area was spacious and very clean. The ladies, at the front desk, were very professional. It was nice putting information on an IPad, instead of filling out paper forms, which seems archaic. We met Bisma Shah, PA. She examined my wife's ear, as she was experiencing pain. She found that she had redness and an infection. She did a nice job and recommended some drops. We also met Long Tran, MD, who also prescribed some amoxicillin to stamp out the infection. The examination rooms were spacious, very well kept, with state of the art medical equipment. Overall experience was excellent and the staff was super and very amiable. No phone number directly to the office, but a central station, who then connects to the office. Be prepared to wait about 20 minutes to get through. The wait was really not a problem. So, great facility to get some quality care. They have our utmost respect. Thank you, MD Now!
Marc W.
Took only 45 minutes to see the doctor after completing the patient info forms - next to the x-rays technician and back to see the doctor. Unheard of to received prompt medical attention. Had I chosen to go to the local ER, I would have been there several hours. Hope I don't need MDNow Urgent Care anytime soon, but should the need arise, I will certainly return to this location. Thanks for you excellent care.
Fred H.
Excellent customer service in general, clean, and very communicative.
Pamela T.
Very pleased with my experience
Christy K.
My experience at MD Now clinic was excellent! The medical assistants were great, the doctor was caring and thorough with his analysis. I would recommend this clinic to everyone! Thank you! The medical assistant referred me to the closest Walgreens that was open at that time.
Susan H.
I am visiting from the Seattle area. The receptionist took time to contact my insurance in Washington state which was so helpful and kind. The Dr has great bedside manner and was very knowledgeable. I definitely recommend!
Lorna H.
Fast, clean and efficient. I’ve used this MD now several times and got great care
Denise M.
Everyone was very pleasant, professional and friendly.
Dorris J.
The front desk assistants they are nice treats the patients was a little busy but they handled everything well
Arlene M.