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Holiday hours will vary on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day per clinic. Check your nearest locations for details.
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Happy Doctor
My experience started with Lechar which was excellent. She was the one who spoke to my insurance company at the beginning. Then came Christen. She took my blood pressure and temperature. She was very pleasant and informative about the team. Lastly Dr. Steve Zinnanti. He seemed to be very good with his assessment of my problem and directed his attention to it. My wife was with me all the time and we both agreed that we found our new place to come for when we need any medical attention. Thanks Guys
Dan F.
Excellent service and staff
Susan W.
Staff were friendly and professional. I got there in time to see the doctor, about 30 minutes before close. Wait time wasn’t bad for a clinic. They sent my Rx direct to pharmacy. Who needs a primary care physician - when i feel sick i can go to a walk in like MD Now Urgent Care, not wait 2 weeks for an appointment with a primary. Convenient and easy. Thank you!
Lindsey B.
I have been at this facility before and honestly my last experience was lacking. I even considered going to another walk in clinic. I am glad that I didn’t. My concerns were addressed in a very professional manner.
Elena A.
Excellent service I received today
Gary P.
Speed was a little slow, but due to the fact it was crazy busy, I was being treated as quickly as possible. Everything was safe, Sanitized, and every anti covid precaution was correctly applied.
Rockwell N.
Lo que me pasó es: me tomaron datos ectera y me dijeron siéntese la van a llamar, lo que no dijeron es que hiva ser de 2 horas más o menos, lo cual me quito la aportunidad de hacer otras cosas mientras, lo vine a saber casi faltando 49 minutos, eso no me parece bien,
Sonia A.
I love this place my doctor was very nice the receptionist and his assistant It was very clean and I got an hour all day waiting to be seen five stars for me
Patricia B.
Really convenient, great staff, very clean, always on time.
Carmen L.
Prontitud, puntualidad y profesionalismo.
Adriana L.
Receptionist doesn't know that it is a "consent" form, not "consentment." Does not give you confidence. Everyone else was excellent.
Judy P.
The staff were very nice. They are also very knowledgeable. They treated me with respect and explained every step of my care. I had no waiting time. Results of X-rays were prompt and a cd copy was offered. The doctor explained the results and informed me of the plan of care. She also answered my questions about recovery time. The receptionist was also very nice and attentive. Last of all the entire facility was very clean and organized. I would definitely recommend this facility.
Magali P.
Great customer service! Clean facility and very friendly staff.
Rachel J.