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Holiday hours will vary on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day per clinic. Check your nearest locations for details.
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Happy Doctor
MD Now is an organization that anyone can grow in. You can start in an entry level position and grow into a position that can become a lifelong career. You will learn so much at this company. They are truly focused on growth and development. If you are open to learning and growing, you will truly succeed at this company.
Manager .
Fast care, very professional and caring. A great experience even though I was feeling really lousy.
George F.
LOVE LOVE LOVE this place. I needed a pre-op medical release for a surgery I am having. I went to my primary physician who made me wait 1 hour and 20 minutes to give me a prescription to go somewhere else for my blood work and EKG. Then, I went to MDNow no appointment walked in. (BTW they don't make appointments.) Saw the doctor who was very nice and professional. Had my blood drawn , and the EKG done by Romina who was gentle and quick and also very kind. Your not going to believe this I was in and out within an hour. AMAZING. New and Clean at Dania Point.
Tamara R.
This place is amazing!!! I had to have some pe-op tests done and they were able to do everything I needed including an EKG and Chest X-ray. They were professional, knowledgeable, courteous and they did it in a timely manner. If I could give them 10 stars...I would!!!!
Angela J.
The staff was knowledgeable and friendly. I felt that I was listened to and that everything was explained to me in great detail. Additionally it was made clear the reason for the medication that was prescribed and how it would help me.
Gloria E.
I went in with a huge infected draining cyst. Wonderful! Great staff. Iveliz and Manny were great. Dr. Casas cleaned the cyst as much as I let him with my whining, gave a prescription for antibiotics. His nurse/assistant Leydi was great too.There is a big possibility I will have to have it excised after the antibiotics do their thing but I left much more relieved of the pain. Recommended
Manuel T.
Great people, very attentive.
Craig L.
Staff here is excellent, professional and courteous. Just be patient with COVID situation.
Andy K.
The receptionist was well mannered and very helpful. The P.A was also very kind and helpful. Overall the staff was accommodating and professional. So far I have had good experiences at this location.
A N.
Thank you I was in and out in know time I walked in and the feeling was like family THANK YOU FOR THE FAMILY LOVE
Sheldon S.
In August 2020, I had a pelvic CT scan, which involved an injection of iodine as a contrast agent. I had never had iodine before, but I quickly discovered that I had a severe allergy to it. A few days later, my skin was extremely red, I developed a fever, and I felt terrible. I needed immediate treatment. I chose MD Now for my urgent care. This was my first visit to MD Now. The staff person was very helpful, and I was seen by Dr. Gil Fernandez within a few minutes. He treated me with understanding, competence, and compassion. He knew exactly what to prescribe: Methylprednisolone and Cetirizine. These drugs were precisely what I needed, and within 5-6 days, I was back to normal. I was very pleased with the treatment that I received at MD Now, and I would highly recommend this clinic for anyone who is in need of urgent care.
Neal W.
Didn’t wait very long and Cesar, the technician was efficient, professional and friendly.
Linda P.
Very good services. Nice people’s and excellent doctors.
Erico A.