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Holiday hours will vary on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day per clinic. Check your nearest locations for details.
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Happy Doctor
Very nice facility and friendly staff. Completed paperwork and was able to see a nurse and Doctor within minutes. Talked with Doctor 15 minutes and he prescribed the medication needed. Very pleasent experience.
james w.
I was very impressed with the staff. Alex was very caring and extremely good at his job. The PA Forte was very thorough in explaining my situation. I would highly recommend them.
Deborah S.
Very friendly and clean. Made me feel like I was a regular patien of theirs . I would not think twice about going there again.
Pat S.
Very good staff Efficient check in system Clean environment
Joanie D.
Great care and the staff very caring and helpful. very well recommended
Mercedes M.
Extremely kind and gentle Covid 19 testing. The staff were polite and efficient.
Naomi V.
I by-passed a hospital emergency room, where people were lined up to get through the metal detector, to get to MD and I was happy I did so. MD was like going to your Doctor's office. The staff was kind and helpful. The Doctor was efficient and caring. As a visitor from Michigan I truly appreciated the hassle free experience.
Walter W.
Excellent care every time we go here. My husband needed stitches a few weeks ago and my daughter was just treated for a severe sore throat. We’re so glad we have quality medical care so close.
Bob .
Professional, quick & great staff!!!
Jessica Q.
The doctors, nurses and other staff members are very efficient, thorough, caring and concerned. From the time that you walk in, you are treated professionally and given the best care that you can receive. When I need immediate care, I do not hesitate to go to MD NOW, because I know that I will be given the best care available. I am also pleased that the doctor will not hesitate to recommend you to an emergency room for further medical assistance if needed.
daisy l.
Friendly staff. Caring workers. Did a covid test, my nose only tickled..
Leroy W.
I had a great experience with MD now. At first, I was upset that I had a $50 copay (thanks insurance.) I didn’t think going in there to have a sprained knee checked out (no X-rays needed) would be worth it. It was worth it though. The nursing staff & the Doctor especially was so nice, and professional. I was given a knee brace & a prescription for some anti-inflammatory medication. All in all, it was a good visit to MD Now. Unlike a lot of trips to urgent care.
Cody R.
Always quality care and quick to be seen!
Sasha T.