Holiday Hours

Holiday hours will vary on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day per clinic. Check your nearest locations for details.
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Happy Doctor
Easy consultation, very kind Doctor an staff, cleaningness all around. I shall go back there when I need to.
Bill R.
Right on time in and out quick
Boyder L.
Friendly and knowledgeable staff , I am very satisfied with the way the treated me today , I will definitely recommend to friends and family, thank you very much!
Yenie L.
Very quick and professional service!
Ivan K.
Except for unusually long wait everything was excellent. Delcina
Delcina A.
I went there recently without an appointment but I was there first thing when they opened up. Nice front desk staff, nice nurses and also a good doctor. It was fast and efficient!
Athya I.
Highly Recommend. The staff was very friendly and the Doctor was great too! I got there when it opened at 8 am and was finished by 830 am. They send your prescription electronically to your pharmacy so you don't have to worry about taking it and picking it up as well. they did not let me go until make sure I was 100 ok. I will definitely continue to come here when needed.
Evejmtz692 .
Love the service very quick, everyone was friendly plus recommend to anyone
Terrell A.
They have a clean facility and are fast and friendly. They take their time with each individual patient. They listen and treat you like a person and they are never in a rush to push you out the door. I have gone to this location a number of times over the years and they will even let you sit with the lights off if light is bothering you, etc. I like how they have water in the waiting room and more than one restroom and they are clean. The patient rooms are clean and sanitary. You can call and ask questions and they will not leave on hold for long. They post their prices and always give you a receipt. I have even made appointments before and they take you at your appointed time, same day within minutes or hours, never have had a long wait.
Amy M.
Nice pleasant people very friendly felt at home
Jimmy f.
They are very nice and professional Service
Dailen S.
I love it here. Today was my first day, from the check in to the check out, it was a plea sent visit. The customer care young lady was very polite and welcoming, the nurse was great as well, and the female doctor was excellent. The physician diagnosed me with TMJ, whereas I just thought it was an earache. Thank so much for the fast and excellent service. I’m already feeling better with the prescribed medications I was gave. Highly recommend this location, it’s also very clean.
Shaundra M.
Some complain about the recent price hikes with USPS. Well let's look at a 3 cent increase X 10 envelopes you mail per month. Equals 30 CENTS. Now compare that to the 3 trips you make to your coffee place, per month. Keeping it simple. Coffee was $1.99, now $2.39. Those 3 trips just cost you $1.20 more. A 12 pack of soda was $6.59 in January, now $8.99, a $2.40 cent increase. I can go on & on & on. No one likes price hikes, but 30 cents is way better than the others I mentioned and the other 100-500 items you buy each and every MONTH. Just saying.
Richard .