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Holiday hours will vary on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day per clinic. Check your nearest locations for details.
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Happy Doctor
Although they couldn’t technically see me because my symptoms needing scanning, but they were very helpful and honestly and sent me in the right direction!
Connie V.
This visit was very fast and the staff was polite and professional. I liked the doctor. He took his time and he answered all of my questions. O appreciate the care and concern that I know I would not have gotten at my primary care doctor’s office.
Doris D.
Everyone was friendly and professional. Cesar was very helpful. The doctor (sorry forgot her name) did her exam and succinctly explained her diagnosis.
Fred H.
Went first thing in the morning. The nurse was friendly, and personable. The doctor saw me right after. Ran tests, communicated with me the whole time. Great experience!
Mercedes C.
So sweet and extremely helpful to this elderly lady. From the front desk to the people in the back they were exceptional. I highly recommend!
Elaine P.
What a terrific team ! I was listened to , they are all very sweet .
Anna S.
Very nice front desk technicians and doctors. I came for pain on my wrist cause of caring a heavy box. Wasn’t sure if to go cause of the virus but I felt safe because they let me wait in the car. And called me in on the phone when it was my turn.
Cary L.
Thorough, knowledgeable personnel. Took vitals and listened to my needs. Excellent service.
Bianca P.
Friendly staff and very short wait time.
Arline M.
Looooove this place! Great attentive staff that are very knowledgeable. If only they had a Obgyn and a Primary care.
L S.
Fast and friendly
K N.
Always love coming to this urgent care. Usually really quick, if they’re busy it’s not much longer but I have patience unlike the guy commenting below. Can’t fault a facility for not having equipment that YOU think your daughter needs. If you’re having an emergency, go to the EMERGENCY ROOM not an urgent care. Medical assistants here are always so nice and help you understand anything you need.
Fernie R.
Good customer service thank you
Maria G.